Android Dev Podcast #6. Android Dev Summit 2019 with Florina Muntenescu

Difficulty: Overview

End of October in Bay Area was hot. Android Dev Summit 2019 brought many announcements and updates. Denis and Ash invited Florina Muntenescu (@FMuntenescu) to discuss highlights from two days of the major event for Android Developers this year.

Android Dev Summit 2019 Youtube Playlist

What’s new in Android Studio 4.0 Canary 1

  • Java 8 Language library desugaring,
  • full support for KTS files,
  • Kotlin live templates
  • Build profiler
  • Layout Editor
    • Custom view classes preview
    • Real render engine from Android Framework
  • Layout Inspector
    • Sources of resources
    • 3D Preview
  • Motion Layout Editor
  • Compose
  • Changes in the Emulator
    • Map routes
    • Embedded into studio
    • Live resize

Jetpack changes

Kotlin + Coroutines

Simplifying Dagger and DI tutorial

Scoped Storage updates

Multi-screen support

App Bundles and dynamic features

  • Better navigation across Dynamic Features
  • Offline testing
  • KTX for customization of the loading state
  • Dependencies on other modules

APEX or system components updates

Android Myth Busters talk link

  • Kotlin slow
  • getters slow
  • Lambdas slow
  • memory allocation
  • profiling
  • multidex

🎉Android Developer Challenge (Reboot)


Hosts: Denis Nekliudov (Lyft), Ash Davies (ImmobilienScout24)
Guest: Florina Muntenescu (Google)

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